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participation positives: 030402

Its time for Jess' participation positive!!!!

  • I’ve gotten LOTS done at work this morning - including making it through most of my january transactions for the bank accounts!!
  • My weekend was really productive and I put lots of strikes through my to do list.
  • I’m hungry and Annette might get me some KFC. Yum smile
  • I am setting up kandekisses in MT so I’ll be encouraged to post the wedding/couple related things that i find so frequently smile (I’m inspired by brides2be!)
  • I’ve drank half of my water bottle already!
  • The day is half over smile
  • Annette will be taking me home at lunch time 3 of the other days this week. Which means I can get a nap in smile smile smile
  • I love and I am loved
  • My sister is coming home in a week and a half.
  • My picture of E and I is back on my desk smile


smile i will let you know about the cd for sure kristine!

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