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work week

I was actually looking forward to starting out the work week with a day of getting there late - on Mondays, E doesn’t have to be to work until 8:30. But todays an exception, poohy.

I was telling him last night that I feel ashamed of myself for caving. I do, and I’m so hard on myself inside my head. Reading Erica’s post this morning reminded me what a taskmaster I am to myself. So anyways, I guess I’ll be dealing day-in and day-out with work and then sleep to recover from work... and then start again every day.

I finally finished filling out my checklist of cfs yesterday. I checked a lot of it. That’s scary.

I talked to Megan, and she strongly admonished me for being scared to call the doctor.

I feel like a weeble when I walk lately - so I’ve been going around calling myself the weeble-wooble girl smile (but I think I would fall down if you tried to knock me over LOL!)

So all these things together have me in a scared mood for starting work today. Quick, somebody let me write a positive list before I get all sad!!!!!


Hi kristine! smile Can you email me? I have some cfs links for you, that i think you should look at. *hugs* (i can’t find your email address)

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