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I never cease to be amazed at the scripts at Dynamic HTML Central. It seems that no matter what I’m looking for, the best (written, explained, etc.) script is always here.

I’m configuring a dhtml scroller for a new set, and I always have issues with that conflicting with my rollovers. But its always SUCH an exciting moment when I get them to play nicely together and the sets are usually so much better for it smile This is a really pretty one, I’ll have to share a screen shot later smile

my to do list for the day/beginning of week:

Write Christine
write Robyn
write Meryl
touch base with Rina on SDA survey
write Zalary
Check unread mail (sorted yesterday, just needs replying), including implish people
finish setting up Kate’s blog (fixed css)

Set up guest submission form on theredkitchen
write theredkitchen cook wannabees
add Pixel Kiss and Foshdawg to blogplates
email webring code to wedblog queue people

Sets -
Girl Alien

  • wording
  • b/mt/gm templates
  • zip and upload

  • b/mt/gm templates
  • zip and upload

Victorian Brown
  • linkback buttons
  • mt/gm templates
  • zip and upload

  • wording
  • finish css
  • linkback buttons
  • b/mt/gm templates
  • zip and upload

Add new users to updates list
Add Laura’s + blog to sidebar

Extended list:
Keep looking for mailing solution for redkitchen
Renew TheRedKitchen’s hosting plan (out in April)

Phew! First, its nap time!! smile

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