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happy sleep

I got lots of sleep again last night. I was only up for like an hour in the early morning, but then I slept. And slept. And kept sleeping until 9:30!! And I might have slept long 'cept that my mom called wanting me to print something off for her. She said that when she got into the form to request a transcript it was all encoded. It looks pretty html-y to me here, so I printed it off :giggle:

She said she’d come and pick it up in the next few hours and bring me a pasty for lunch. YUM. This is one of our traditional family meals. Pasties are originally from Cornwall, England, which is where her grandparents came over to America from. So pasties are pretty popular in areas of Michigan where a lot of English immigrants settled. (Sometime, I’ll have to ask Gina and Erica if they’ve ever enjoyed this!) Anyhow, someday I’ll get our original recipe and type it out. Its a lot of work, but OH so good smile So I feel way lucky, she’s gonna bring me one for lunch smile

I had a brainstorm (for something that will add to theredkitchen) last night, and now I’m trying to figure out how to do it - with javascript, php, or something else. I’ll share when I get closer to understanding what I’m trying to do!!!

My dreams last night were particularly vivid. And shifted a bit from when I started dreaming and they included E and then after walking up for little bits of time, I was someone else, but it seemed like still the same dream. Very interesting!

Today I have some redkitchen projects to work on before the aformentioned brainstorm - I need to figure out what to do with all of the new people who want to join that I don’t know! And I have a few people to set up that I already was in process of working with. And then I have some more graphic set brainstorms I want to play with smile Some email to reply to. I’m sure there’s more, but between this all, I’m gonna do some relaxing smile

Happy Friday!!!


I can’t wait to see what this new brainstorm is! smile

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