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8 hours!

I worked so hard on all my projects yesterday that I was just pooped by the end of the day!!! So as soon as 8 rolled around and buffy was over, I jumped into bed, and didn’t wake up until 4:30!! woo hoo!

Now, if I could just make my legs not so sore feeling, I’d be all perfect and ready for work! I’m tempted to bring a pillow to my desk to sit on - I did something yesterday (maybe just sitting too long?) that made my tailbone feel bruisey... crazy!

Shower time, and time to start another day at work. Can I fit my big head through the door of my job? ;)


kristine, ive been having horrible problems with my tailbone for a couple of months now. my doctor and i have determined that its just a side-effect of losing weight and no longer having any "butt padding," so to speak. so i have to suffer (or get my coccyx removed, which ain’t happenin').

but i can tell you that what you need is a hard-as-a-rock seat, not cushioning. i know, it seems like the softer, the better, but in this case, i can tell you that without a doubt, sitting on cement actually makes your tailbone pain less severe than sitting on a fluffy cloud of down.

i know it seems weird, but try sitting on something hard, and let me know if that helps smile

Silly question for you - when does Buffy air? Like the most current episode? Was that the one that ended at 8? And does it air again? I want to send it on AnnElizabeth’s tape to England with her flash of fame on Tech TV!

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