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As I start to wake up out of dreamland, I can feel myself tossing and turning. I start throwing blankets around, and pretty soon, I can feel that its making E do the same. This is when I know I *need* to get out of bed and just be awake for a while. It makes me sad to disturb him just because I’m dreaming hard or not sleeping well.

I’ve been up for almost an hour now. It doesn’t seem to matter at all how much I nap or how little I nap. My nights just don’t consist of all sleeping. Last night, I was up for 4 hours in the middle of the night before falling back asleep.

But at least I got a chance to do a bit of surfing, right? And now I’ll go downstairs and get a drink (I wake up SO thirsty) and watch some TV to try and get the tired feeling back into my body.

Sleep well, my friends. I would wish this upon NONE of you.


grrr! i too have trouble sleeping and it is the worst! i agree, a fate i wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

I’ve always had trouble sleeping, Kristine. It’s frustrating, for sure! Particularly when you KNOW you have to be up in like, 4 hours to go to work and you haven’t even begun to fall asleep yet. The only thing that’s helped me is just sort of accepting that it’s the way I am. Once I made friends with the darkness it stopped freaking me out so much. Now it’s just peaceful, and I sort of view myself as being semi-nocturnal. LOL!! Or just a dork.

Kristine try taking Kava Kava (2) before bed, that’s good stuff. Or Valerian.

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