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happy valentines

I had part of a post written up, but it was just about dorky work stuff. And that was last night, so I’m starting again!

Happy valentine’s day! Happy trashday! Happy day, happy day!!!

Because I knew that I wouldn’t have time to cook tonight, I made heart-shaped food last night. A from-scratch heart pizza and fudge brownies in a heart pan. Yum!

Speaking of hearts, I got a cute one in my mailbox from Erika smile I feel all special smile

The minute I finished eating, I laid on the couch to watch tv and got totally sleepy. So I went to bed at 7pm. I was just so exhausted. I’m still pretty tired. My vivid dreams just make me feel so worn out when I wake up. And plus, I worked super hard yesterday. Way harder than I should have. And more to do today before 3 when dad goes to the tax guy.

I have a cute old navy shirt with a big heart on it to wear today, and some cute boxers that say I love you! all over them to give to E. They look like they are written in the font kinkie. If ya need to make a valentine today, that’d be the one to use smile

time to shower and wake up E. Oh, to just climb back into bed and not get out for hours....... I can’t wait until tomorrow!! smile


Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie! *Mucho hugs & kisses*

Happy Valentine’s Day Kristine! Heart shapped food is so sweet. smile Me thinks we might be wearing the same shirt today... I’m also wearing my (pink) Old Navy Shirt with the big old heart on it. Have a great Valentine’s day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Kristine!

Awww...you are such a romantic chica ;) I hope you guys have a great Valentine’s Day/Night together Kirstine!! *hugs* smile

Oh, and I LOVE the lovey layout sweetie!!! Kewl stripes ;)

Happy Valentines Day!

happy v-day! smile

Happy, happy, happy Valentine’s Day to yooooou!

Happy Valentine’s day, Kristineypie! All that heart-shaped food sounds divine - I have a heart-shaped cake tin but didn’t have the ingredients to make cake or brownies... maybe later smile

Happy Valentine’s Day, Kristine! I’m wearing my Old Navy heart shirt today, too, we can start a club. Wheeee!


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