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another night, more sleeplessness. I woke up around 2ish and surfed for a while before heading downstairs to try and fall back asleep. Sleep wouldn’t come, so I channel surfed for a while. Still no sleep. Its so frustrating; my eyes are tired, and my body aches, but when I close my eyes, nothing happens, and then after a while, my brain just starts running at a million miles an hour about the things of my day and the things I worry about. And I’m so hungry. My tummy growls. I hate to feed it in the middle of the night, because I know I ate a big dinner. So I drank some orange juice and some water. It still is hungry.

What do I lay and think about while starring at the ceiling? Much of it has to do with my work situation right now. Dad and me discussed all of my pros and cons and he let me go over every sheet in my notebook with him. I shared a bit of my personality profile, a bit of info about cfs, and then we discussed family issues quite a lot. He was able to counter every one of my cons very well. He’s more than willing to work with me on a part time basis rather than 40 hour weeks. We worked out some specifics for a trial period. But I’m keeping my 2 day weeks for february. I think.

Do I feel like I caved? A little bit. But either way, I was gonna feel bad. I feel like I was going to loose something either way. sad This way, I’ll placate most of the issues for my family, and still be able to earn a little money. I hope it works out.

Its monday. I am at home today. I hope that I’ll get some rest during that time.

I’m downloading some soundtrack themes. I have always loved the instrumental backgrounds to movies - I own Braveheart, The Three Musketeers, Robin Hood Prince of Theives (the last two on tape :gigglesmile, and probably a few others. Somtimes, this music is more relaxing to me than normal music. So I’ll load up my Morpheus queue and see what I have in the morning. I’m gonna go and try to take a 1 1/2 hr nap before I have to wake up E. Lets hope my brain can turn off.


I’ve always liked instramental soundtracks too. I have The Gladiator and The Patriot soundtracks and they are wonderful!

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