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felicity and angel

Oh man... this is sad... ''Felicity'' to end 4-year WB run in May

Not because I watch Felicity anymore (although I always thought it was a great show), but because of this:``Angel'' will leave Mondays for five weeks rather than going into repeats.

FIVE whole weeks? Sucks!!!!!


*pout* That sucks. I’ve loved Angel this season, and don’t want it to go away! It’s the one show I seem to remember to watch with any regularity, and this could seriously put a crimp in that. LOL The WB treats it’s shows and fans so poorly...wish they’d get a clue.

rina’s right... they treat their shows and fans like crap. I’m going to miss felicity.. and angel was a great show, but I just never could remember to sit down and watch it. the same goes for quite a few other wb shows.. charmed, gilmore girls to name a few

FElicity was my fav! show i wach it every wendsays since i was 10 the 4 years ago! she just seems so much like me im gonna miss it so much u should have def. wanch it more

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