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all doped up

So I wasn’t exaggerating when I said yesterday that I might be getting a cold. By the time E woke up an hour after that post, I was sniffling and had the WORST headache. What was weird was that I couldn’t tell if it was just sinus pressure or about to turn into a migraine. So I took a long nap and some of the pressure went away. I rested all day, never doing anything that required me to barely move. I took some drugs before bed last night, but even the contact still didn’t knock me out all night. I’m not sneezing, though... good sign.

So, in my cold-med-induced state, I just read all my blogs. I think I left some awfully long comments on some peoples blogs that I might not have left on a normal day. Think I should reply to some email while on this trend?? ;) Oh well, everybody likes my comments, I’m sure! LOL!

So the plan for today is to get better. No getting sicker. If I feel good enough, E said he’ll take me to Olive Garden. Woo! I have a coupon, and I could really love some fettucini alfredo with salad and breadsticks.... yum. But I have to be well enough to stand long enough to take a shower, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m gonna go take a few more drugs (contact since it was only 6hour instead of 12) and lay down. Hopefully I can get s'more rest.. Nighty-night! smile

hmmm, after posting I noticed that 3 of the 4 paragraphs in this post start with So. I think I better take some writing classes LOL!


I hope you get to feeling better. I know just the thought of getting an Olive Garden breadstick could make me feel better.

Also, thanks for linking my site. I have you now linked on my site. smile

You poor girl. Hope you feel better soon. My husband has a nasty little cold right now that I’m doing my best to avoid. Damn germs.

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