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forums and activites

with january being what is has been, I’ve gotten neglectful of my favorite hangouts and forums. I haven’t designed a new set since december. And my friends may think I’ve forgetten them because I’m behind on email.

So, I took a little surf this morning through silveringrid, and I had several thoughts for some threads I wanted to start. Its a wonderful board, even though participation is down a bit. I have kept up on the MT boards much better than the others, trying to help people out. But the pixelitas are gonna not be so happy with me for not posting anything new. Oops. I guess I will go over and do some commenting at least smile

I have a new person to add to theredkitchen, and at least one person in the queue for the blogplates ring. I have a new domain to finish development on. And even several graphic sets in process on my desktop. I need to finish work on my contest entry for Jenni.

Luckily, I’m starting off february. I don’t have to do all of this today! These are just goals for the month. If I look at it this way, I’ll be happy and not stressed smile

Hmm, I do feel like I might be getting a new version of the cold that didn’t go away, so no more thinking - I think I’m gonna go lay down and read or watch tv until E wakes up smile

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