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restless sleep

No matter how tired out I am, some nights are just not good sleeping nights. If its not the vivid dreams, then other things. My lower back has really been hurting lately, and so rolling over kinda hurts. I could tell that I was tossing and turning a lot in bed last night, so when I woke up more at 1, I got up. Surfed for a while, and then propped myself up on the futon to keep my lower back from moving around. I found that Crimson Tide was half way over, so I watched that. Goodness, there were so many recognizable faces on there!!! Strider, Jesse’s Dad, Fabrizio, Ricky Schroder, and even Ryan!. I love trying to pick out all of these people. Of course, the imdb is my favorite research site :giggle: So I watched the end of that, and then fell asleep for a few hours. I’m hungry, but waiting for E to get up.

... fastforward past breakfast and a 2+ hour nap....

I have a fuzzy head from sleeping. Literally and figuratively! I’m downloading some more songs now, but Morpheus seems to get stuck on "searching" and then doesn’t find. Hmmmm...

I think its time to play some games smile Doesn’t that sound like fun? Civ III, here i come smile

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