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I’m very excited to see the finalists for the Second Annual Weblog Awards. Several very good friends got nominated!!! Dawn of A.Life.Uncommon is up for best design! AND, Robyn of Ain’t Too Proud is up for best new weblog! Super cool! - I love these girls!!!!

Check this out - the webrings are all ones I am/was a part of.
Movable Type got nominated for the best application - woo hoo for Ben and Mena! and Mena got nomiated several times for her weblog, also.
Noah Grey has multiple well-deserved nominations.
I’ve just recently been enjoying Melly of Daily Sardonicism, so its great to see her on the list. And the beautiful Bronwyn of Sidebar is on the list, too! What fun smile


Thank you! I was so *shocked*! smile

Kristine - Woo Hoo for Movable Type users! We’ve got sixteen of them up there.

And thanks for the mention.

Thank you and we love you too! Well, at least I speak for myself. You are awesome!

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