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browser share

Technology News - Microsoft bCentral

... Today, Netscape, a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner, has only 8 percent of the total browser market compared to Internet Explorer’s 91 percent, according to research firm WebSideStory Inc."
Wow, that’s an amazing browser share! I do wonder where Opera fits in there. Here’s an article about the three browsers.

I’ve been unhappy with IE6 lately, as it just doesn’t support CSS as well. Particularly annoying the CSS Scrolling bug, and the way the dashed or dotted borders move around when there’s a link in them. Actually, E and I are such geeks that we had a whole conversation about this in Sweet Tomatos the other night :giggle: So anyhow, I am using IE6 right now, but I might go back down to 5.5. I use N6.2 and N4.7 for testing, as well as O5 (I should download the newest version). I don’t check these as often as I should. smile


I had 6.0 and made Todd bust me back to 5.5 less than 2 days later. It was AWFUL! Sucked up all my resources and was just a huge PITA—not to mention the wierd text-center thing it did in a lot of browsers. Todd’s cubemates were having trouble with it, too, and also busted back. It’s got a long way to go!

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