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participation positives: 012101

Thanks to Jess, I’m participating in a postitive post...

  • Only 7 more january-days!
  • I ate a banana for a snack and it was yummy.
  • only 7 more january-days!
  • I got another month of statements entered into the computer today (I’m on May - have June-December done).
  • E worked yesterday afternoon, and so maybe we’ll get to go home early one day this afternoon!
  • I got a very special project set up for a very special girl today.
  • only 7 more january-days! and then 2day weeks for a month!!!
  • I got a beautiful Victoria’s Secret catalog in the mail and it has pretty pink and red things. I like pink and red and HEARTS!!!!
  • Matthew’s blood sugar has been better.
  • I got my long writeup done of my job description (3 1/4 pages, single spaced).
  • I have 2 long fingernails on each hand.
  • I am loved. E is SO good to me.
There is always more, but these are the ones I think of smile


yay!!! smile

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