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sunday of rest

I just woke up from a nice luxiously resting nap. E went out to do a special job for his work and get a hair cut, and I took a nap. It was so nice.

I cooked this morning - made tater tot casserole. I couldn’t find a recipe that matched what I remember having in the cafe, so I dumped and stirred until it looked good. It actually turned out pretty good! And I fried up some slices of polenta for me. Somebody on SI had asked about polenta, and it got me wanting some!!

Then, I started working on my job write up. When I told dad I was leaving, he asked me to write up a list of the things that I do. He said that he basically let me create my own job in the time I’ve been here. Which is true, but I’ve added everything to my job description that didn’t have a home, so it got out of hand. I needed some quiet time to concentrate on this, so today I finally sat down with my notes and wrote as much as I could think into my outline. I think best in HTML, so E laughed at me when he saw me handcoding the formatting in dreamweaver :giggle: It really turned out to be a long list, but I’ll probably do some editing. [link here]

I had some amazing brainstorms last night while I was not-sleeping. I wish I had more time in the weekend!!!

Now I think I’m gonna unwrap my label maker box and install some software. Much fun to be had!!! I’m gonna try out burning my first CD before the end of the day, I do believe! smile

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