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Friday Five: 011802


Yay!!! it’s time for Heather’s Friday Five!!! I usually wait until the afternoon to do this, but I was talking to Rina-doll about movies I wanted to see, and so I had to copy the links and stuff into here smile

  • What do you have your browser start page set to? At home, I was using Excite@home’s page. (although usually I get to the internet by clicking my journal icon!) But its all f-ed up right now, the tv guide isn’t working, and its annoying. At work, I use msn because it lets me see local news as well as normal stuff. I look forward to seeing other answers on this, because I’m always looking for a better portal!
  • What are your favorite news sites? MSN daily and CNN, when I’m really looking for hardcore news.
  • Favorite search engine? Google, all the way. I’ve been REALLY enjoying the quick search right from my toolbar. Its Perfect for fast searching, and opens a new window w/o me needing to do it myself!
  • When did you first get online? Summer of 94, I got my first computer. I had it for a month before I left for WWC, and I tried out Prodigy at that time. I actually had 3 marriage proposals during that month from people who saw my name on message boards LOL! Then once I went up to WWC, I got an AOL account with my family. (by the hour, natch!) I hung out on message boards and learned basic HTML to make my first page (on geocities!) and eventually graduated to my own AOL acct. and managing whole sites for a fan club I was involved in. And the rest is history smile
  • How do you plan to spend your weekend? Ahhh, I’m so happy you asked. I’m gonna be relaxing! E promised it could be a playing-games/movie-watching/cuddling weekend, and I’m way excited about that. I want to go to the video store and get a pile of new movies that I haven’t seen yet, and bring all the blankets back downstairs to my happy little futon and cuddle and watch them all. I have a few hours of buffy to watch, too. Looking over Blockbuster’s top movies, I think I’d like to get The Fast and the Furious, Evolution, American Pie 2 (since E hasn’t seen), Legally Blonde, possibly Summer Catch... If I was going out, I might watch Black Hawk Down because it looks good (and not because Tom Sizemore of the stupid never-ending commercial movie is on it!). We’ll be playing some games - E’s got Civ III so we both can play, and I’ve got The Sims, so there’s tons of fun things. Maybe we’ll have some Pizza Hut. Lots of relaxing to be done smile Tonight, we’ll probably stop and get some groceries so we’ll have cereal for breakfast. So yeah, it’ll be a happy weekend!!!


personalized start page is the only way to go for me.

i have all of my links that i use all the time on it, national news, local (rochester) news, webmail, shopping, sims downloads, and my daily reads.

plus, it’s on my hard drive, not my server, so all you have to do is click save, and it’s updated. plus, you can make it look as pretty as you want smile

it is the beesh. laughing

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