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There’s not much worse than waking up with a headache that’s bad enough that you need to lay back down and cover your head. That’s right folks, I think I’m getting a migraine! What really is worse is having no drugs. The stupid insurance people thru E’s job haven’t gotten us our insurance cards, and so the pharmacy won’t give us our drugs at an insurance price. Marilyn (E’s boss) swears that we are signed up and that they’ve gotten correspondence on their end. But when E went to refill my paxil, it cost $80 instead of $20ish! So I know that if I go and try to fill my zomig perscription, it’ll be hugely expensive. SOoooo, I’m dealing w/the headache by drinking some caffeine and water and Annette just came in and gave me some advil migranes, so hopefully it’ll go away smile


girlie, i am feelin' your pain! i have had a migraine since wednesday night, and not only is the pain unbearable, but its making me nauseous as all get out. i want to take my narcotics, but they make me feel sick to my stomach, too, and i’m afraid that either the migraine or the drugs will make me throw up tounge out doesn’t this just suck?

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