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tax act

I just ordered my deluxe edition of TaxAct for 2001. Its hard to believe, but I’ve been using this company’s software for 3 years now - first the free version when my taxes were pretty basic, and this year and last, I’ve paid the very good price of only 9.95 for the deluxe version. Its well worth it to me - and this year I probably will efile it, since the program will let me do that for free with purchase.
So now, I just have to get all my forms so I can put in all the info (they aren’t due to employees until Jan 30 - thank goodness since I have to do them FOR my employees for the first time with Peachtree before that time!!!). I actually don’t mind doing this part of our finances. I guess that’s why its my responsiblity! smile (tee hee, girl with like 30 credits of accounting classes under her belt wouldn’t be so silly as to make the boy do the taxes ;) )

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