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diabetes meal training

Matthew is doing better, and will probably go home tomorrow, even though his blood sugar was 342 when we just tested it. The hospital staff was really nice, and really were being awesome to Matt to make him comfortable. I am so impressed by the skill of nurses to make people feel at ease. I almost wish that I could be that to someone. I know Megan will make an excellent nurse someday, just by watching the caring of others in the field and picturing her in that place.

Well, I got in a full afternoon of learning how to plan meals. (15g of carbs=1 choice; 8-2-6-2-6-2 is the number of choices for meals and snacks). We all got to put together some of Matthew’s fav choices into full day plans, and learned that diabetes doesn’t mean that you can’t ever have sugar - you just have to watch how many carbs you take in and stick to the plan. Its harder to fit in sugars because they have more carbs, but its not impossible to have them. So that’s encouraging. smile

Now I’m home and relaxing with E and all is well in kristine-world smile


i’m glad Matthew is doing better. poor guy! at least now though they seem to have lots of sugar free fun food - so while it will be a big adjustment, maybe he can find some good sugar-free substitutes for things too. (i know for a fact they have SF Jelly Belly Beans)

I’ll be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers!

Book you may be interested in reading: Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution.

It is not specifically targeted at kids, but it goes several steps further than the American Diabetes Association in establishing how the food you eat affects your blood sugar levels.

glad matthew is doing better, kristine smile hey, i’m not quite diabetic, but i am glucose intolerant... would you mind sharing some of the menus you guys planned for matthew?

Poor thing—glad he’s doing better (and I’m sure he’s glad he’s going home soon)!

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