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matthew update

update on Matthew....

Mom called this morning, and they are still at the hospital. Matthew’s blood sugar is still really high, and so they are working on getting that down. So they’ll be there at least today, and maybe tomorrow.

For those of you who don’t know, Matthew is my littlest brother. He’s 13, and plays basketball. He’s the most like me out of my siblings, with a natural feel in front of a computer. You can read more about him (and see a picture from 2000 of the two of us) on my cast page. I wish I had gone over to see him in the hospital yesterday. I really didn’t know that was an option, but mom said he had a lot of visitors, even Leonard and Kurt (his best friend) went over to see him. I tend to get left out of the news since I don’t live at home.

Thanks to everybody whose been thinking of our family and Matthew over the past few days. smile


Big hugs ... hope everything works out ok.

Give him lots of hugs... and bring him something special like a little puzzle or something like that. I loved getting little stuff like that when i was sick.

keep us posted! I am praying for him.

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