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job satisfaction quiz

How Satisfied Am I With My Job? - Oxygen

Take a quiz, find out what you want vs what you have at your current job. Come back and tell me how you did smile

I scored in the very last category. Hmmm, why doesn’t that suprise me LOL! Only 12 more january-days left!!


Well, on the "How Satisfied Am I With My Job?" survey, I also scored on the last category. Guess I should star consulting the want ads, huh? Interesting quiz though!

88%- (80-89%—You’re pretty happy, but your career needs some fine tuning. )
I really don’t think I’d ever score higher than that at a job.

The only things that would make it better: work less, get paid more.

I got the last section too... but its only a part-time job during college. I’m going to try to get a job when i graduate that i’ll love doing.

Well, I scored in the 70-79% group—"You are probably restless and wondering if you need to make a change. It’s time to improve your current position or start looking for something better."

VERY accurate. Since the year started, I’m looking for a new job. I feel kinda stale on mine... and I need to earn more money desperately. I barely make ends meet these days. :-/

Excellent link, Kris. smile

I got 33% which is no big surprise. I hate my job. But it’s only temporary until I graduate and get a REAL job. JCPenney’s is certainly NOT my life’s goal.

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