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Christmas shopping!

Yesterday was just delightful! I got a few naps, and then we went out.

Our meal at Old Spaghetti Factory was perfect. We had a great waitress, and splurged on the extras (garlic cheese bread, strawberry lemonade) since we had a gift certificate for more than our normal bill smile It was absolutely delicious!!

We headed towards best buy, where we spent much time browsing to determine what we really wanted. I picked up a Phillips CDR-W (20x10x40), a label making kit (with a stomper in it), and a spindle of CDRs. I also got a print cartridge for my printer and some jewel cases... this way, I can make CDs for my friends and make inserts and labels and stuff for them too smile I’m way excited, and I’m gonna start checking out my college to see if I have the highest quality of the mp3s so I can either turn them into WAVs for people who I know will want to listen to their CDs in a CD player... and then for the MP3s to sound the best when I make a disk of MP3s to send to someone who will play it on their computer smile I can’t wait to start playing!!! smile

Then it was time to head over to the theater for the Lord of the Rings. We were a bit early, but we went and got perfect seats and I put the arm rest up and laid on E’s lap and we talked and giggled smile We memorized the before movie ads and the quiz questions they do! By the time the movie started, there were TONs of people in there! I guess that’s what happens when you to to a 6:30 showing of a newer movie on a Saturday night... we don’t normally do that :g: The movie was great. I hadn’t ever read the books, so I had no background for it all, but it was still really good. Some of it was pretty scarey and I hid my eyes once or twice in E’s shoulder. I love how they did the camera angles and stuff so that some people looked like short little hobbits, even though they are normal sized people in real life! It was pretty cool.

So it was a good trip out. My ankles are a little sore from walking around best buy, but not too bad. Yay for wonderful days!!!


I get hits from your site K, so I come over to find that I’m the "tokenmale"...LOL. That crack me up to no end. Thanks! smile

glad to hear yall had such a good time!

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