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why does she feel the need to piss me off first thing in the morning?

She wanted to fight about a $1 finance charge. She paid the bill at fucking 5PM and thought she should be considered ontime. She wants me to just pay the bill short - well, next month, they’ll just have a $1 balance because there’s no reason they should have taken it off. Why not spend your time worrying about things that are really important to life and the business instead of a fucking $1 charge?

I know that some of my annoyance is because I spent the first 2 hours I’ve been here entering thousands of her personal expenses and stupid transfers from the beginning of the year into the computer - when she was using the business account to pay her bills. Its tedious, and very ridiculous to have to deal with these. Its what’s keeping me so far behind on having year end data up. It was too overwhelming to even deal with. (I’m on March in odd expenses for the bank statements, and just finally finished entering the thousands of NSF fees for the whole year - its so much stupid work)

So now I have a real Fuck-you attitude. People would probably say - just let it go, and breathe. But sometimes, I just don’t want to let it go. I want to stew and be annoyed. I shouldn’t have to put up with this shit.

Only a little while longer. Breathe, and say that over and over. Only a little while longer.


i know the feeling on both ends. if i know i’m wrong, i’ll eat crow and pay whatever fees i have coming to me... if i’m right though, i refuse to give up on it. and in your mother’s mind, she probably believes that her bill was in on time. just ignore. let her keep on thinking that she’s right.

i don’t know how you put up with so much. just remember: only a little while longer. smile


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