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growing # of depressed people

More People Seeking Treatment for Depression

"On the one hand, the trend toward medication management in primary care appears to be improving access to treatment for quite a few people," Wells says. "On the other hand, there are probably patients who would respond better to counseling or who would prefer it who can’t get it, because it is not what is available. This study has shown that more people are being treated. But we need other studies to get a better picture of who is being left out and whether patients are getting the treatments they need."

That’s a sad trend. And I know I’m in it. I wonder what could be done on a countrywide effort to help work against the increased depression. I’m sure that the increasing time crunch of everyday life has something to do with it; people feeling stuck where they are but can’t seem to move.


umm i dont luv myself!ha ha!and i lyke to b sad and im always (sleepin) sleep

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