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things I'm excited about

I’m excited about this week. Why? I’ll tell you smile

  • I’m excited for getting well. I know that this can’t take much longer and I’ll be able to sing through the house and giggle all I want smile And eat pie and ice cream and sugar once again w/o worrying about it making my cold worse!!!
  • I’m excited for next weekend, when we’ll FINALLY be able to do the Christmas things we haven’t had time to do. I’m planning a trip to the Spaghetti factory, and a big buying spree at Best Buy for our christmas presents. AND Christmas Stockings! We’ll get to sort and put away our Christmas decorations, waiting for another year to use them. That means buying some new storage containers, and I love that muchly ;)
  • I’m excited for my sister, starting another quarter, fresh w/o any of last quarters struggles hanging over her.
  • I’m excited by the music I’m enjoying, and the continued new discoveries I’m making. I need to copy some more to work for my enjoyable last month+ here.
  • I’m excited for tonight, when we’ll get to go grocery shopping so there will be food once again.
  • I’m excited for the new projects I’m working on. I overextend myself and try too much sometimes, but once I’m out of this job, I’m gonna have things in place for some great things (profitable or not!) I’m excited to be making outlines and plans for the future in everything I’m already working on, too.
  • I’m excited for all of the water my body had been able to stand drinking this weekend. I swear, I’ve had probably a gallon of water a day since wednesday. That’s good, because I know that I can do more than I’m doing without bursting!!, and that will make me more healthy.
  • I’m excited for my friends online. Coming to work this morning was hard because I was sick, but I got to surf my daily reads and it really cheered me up to start off my day right. I love all of you!!!
  • I’m excited that today is monday, and tomorrow is tuesday - New Buffy night!!
  • and if tomorrow is tuesday, that means I’ve got a day off very soon to help finish my recovery of sicklyness!
What are you excited for today?


I’m excited that I got to watch Sex in the City. And the new MT 1.4 is live. And running on my site. And the Resolution Project has a new "MT" look. And I am excited to hear that you are feeling better. YEAH!!!

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