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new css skin up

Pick a Skin: I have a new skin up - White CSS is nice and light and has more of my sidebar stuff that I was missing, including links to recent essays (journal entries that aren’t necessarily linked to a specific time), a listing of new links I have found, and some of my habitual viewing things that I’m bringing back. I like this skin because it has the things I want on the sidebar smile I also plan on bringing in another skin similar to the seasons of change but for winter very soon smile



i’ve been having problems with skins lately. first, zal’s snowman wasn’t showing up, and now i can’t get your white css one to load. it keeps bringing me back to your original grey css with all the boxes.

i hope you have a wonderful new year! *hugs*

Happy New Year Kristine. Like Cori, I’m having a problem with White...it is brining up your original - you may wish to check your links smile

hey girlie, i’m having problems with White, also - i get your original skin, too sad have a terrific new year!

how odd!! I know it worked earlier in the day, and I know I uploaded the file to make it work. I’m thinking my server musta reverted to sometime different between this afternoon and evening... how odd!

Its working now, thanks for letting me know, guys!!! smile

Hmm, I can’t get it to work. I can’t even preview it for some reason, it just shows the original grey css skin. sad

Happy New Year!

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