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Robyn quiz

Robyn posted a great quiz that I wanted to fill out between jobs this morning smile

  1. Can you recall a meaningful "family moment" in the last week? Yes, I think so.
  2. Have you stopped asking "what will I be when I grow up?" No. I still am searching and hope to keep searching for all of my life!
  3. When did you last help someone less fortunate without using your checkbook? I try to help out my sisters as much as I can, with encouragment. But I know that I would like to help people more than I do.
  4. What was the last spontaneous, even silly, thing you did? I bought E a plane ticket to go back to CA smile But then again, I am not the spontaneous type, and I consulted and searched a bunch before I bought it!!!
  5. When you hear the word "home", what comes to mind? Chaos or comfort? My home? comfort. my mom’s house? chaos
  6. Are you happy to walk into your home? Most definitely.
  7. Do you wake up in the morning feeling truly rested? Not lately
  8. Are you comfortable walking barefoot at home? Yes, I take my shoes off as I walk in the door. smile
  9. Are there enough quality ingredients in your kitchen that you could throw an impromptu pasta dinner for four? Possibly. I think I’d need some salad to go with, but I could throw a bread mix in the bread maker, and do pasta with cucumbers and spices and stuff.
  10. Do you have a comfy private space—to read, talk on the phone, or watch TV—that’s not your bed? Kinda - I love my desk chair, and I have some great couches. Its not one particular place, but a variety of them smile
  11. Do you have a couple of bottles of good wine and the makings of one classic cocktail on hand? Nope, but I always have good juice.
  12. What album "speaks" to your life clearly? I think I have to say Mirrorball by Sarah McLachlan. I feel so much when I hear those songs. Other albums come and go, but I always love that one.
  13. Where would you live if you could live anywhere else? I love where I live. I would just like to move the people I love to where I live smile
  14. What play or movie has had a big impact on your life and why? Armageddon, mainly for the Aerosmith song on it. It came out just when E and I were first dating and had such truth for us in our long distance relationship.
  15. What person in your life has influenced you the most and why? Its a toss up between Eric and Megan. E has been so much to me, and will be for many years to come. But Meg grew up with me, and still loves me even though I was a dork - and she inspires me with so many things - her love of God is constant, but never forceful on me. E will always influence me because everything big in our lives, we discuss w/each other.


Isn’t it funny how just about everyone that’s seen the "chaos or comfort" question has associated their home with comfort and their parents with "chaos". smile And I *love* Mirrorball. My second choice would have been Fumbling Towards Ecstacy.

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