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to do

Okay, so after looking over my to do list, I’m not doing SO bad.

adding to it ...


Make cheese ball
Bake potatoes
Sort Cookies into pile to bring and pile to serve tomorrow
Make soup
Vacuum downstairs/clear table and straighten kitchen
Megan will help with vege and fruit trays.
Dad will bring bread and spanacopeda

Wrap presents for my family + E’s bday presents
Make Lorna’s cards
Carefully pack presents for E’s family + paper
Pack for CA

Buy E’s ticket for 2nd trip

I always feel better when I make a list, oddly enough smile


I feel better about the things i have to do when I make lists, too. Being able to cross things off gives me a sense of accomplishment and actually lets me know I did something..!

You can do it! smile I hope you have a WONDERFUL Christmas!