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put on a happy face

Last night was for E. No matter how tired and sad I was feeling, I was determined to smile and giggle and enjoy being with him. We went to dinner and I did just that, and we talked and laughed and it was fun. He sees through me, though, and just before I fell asleep, he asked me again what was wrong. I told him it was just a combination of things, nothing big. he said "you can tell me, its okay." Seee, I love this boy. He cares so much about me, even if its his special day, he’s always worrying about me.

I kinda accidently on purpose turned off the comments last night. Thank you for the emails I got instead. smile

My mom made more changes in my pay today that may require me to go back and reenter in every paycheck this year (1 a week) to make it work in the system. Frustrating, and even moreso that she’s so behind. Annette was enraged when I mentioned something about it. I really shouldn’t have, but it came out. So the I felt bad about that.

So I had a few sad things in the back of my mind, and I let them out and then went right to sleep. Now I’m up, but yawning a lot, so I think it won’t be long before my eyes close and I can get back to sleep. Goodnight sweethearts

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