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I’ve been feeling down since last night.

This song came on again and really reminded me that I am not alone, and don’t just have to face anything without help.

I found out that my mom entered my paychecks for the first few weeks of December. I’ve been trusted to enter them myself the entire time I have been here (since June98). She cut my pay. That should have meant a conversation with dad, not something I found out accidently. Dad and I had briefly discussed it because I’m still being paid for a full weeks time because I am still working hard and on call on my day off and getting my work done in the 4 days. So when mom ragged on him about it, he mentioned it and said we’d talk about it. And that was the last I heard. So when I opened the payroll function, my check was on top and it was written for 4 days worth of pay.

It really bothered me. I feel used. I can’t believe that she could do something so hurtful. Yes, I can, because she’s always doing hurtful things, but it doesn’t hurt any less. I would have submitted to the only 4 days pay just fine if someone had talked to me and told me that was going to be the case. It only bothers me so much that she went ahead and did it.

Lisa called this morning and said her and mom had a huge fight on the way to school and wouldn’t give her any suggestions for how to make her hurt back feel better. I told her ibupropin in case their was swelling inside and heat or ice. She had an ice pack and motrin. Poor girl.

E seemed a bit annoyed with my whining last night, so I stayed quiet after we got home, and I went to sleep with a huge desire to have a big cry. Why am I so sad? I know, I’m whining a lot lately. I need to cool it.


So I’m putting a fake smile on for now, and going about my morning. I’ll make it - its Tuesday and that means tomorrow is Wednesday. And I can’t wait!


awww kristine, that’s rotten!

much love to you girl... just keep thinking about your MHD that you have coming up... and after that, the weekend smile



Its horrible that she’s taking advantage of you since your her daughter.... you deserve better...


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