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Every once in a while, I like to make up silly songs or poems. Tonight, I found a new resource in Rhyme Zone. I like this rhyming dictionary because it has a built in thesaurus, where I usually have to have two windows open while I play.

Maybe sometime, i’ll share some of the poems I’ve written. I haven’t done much lately besides making silly little songs rhyme as I sing through the house, but I wrote a poetry book in high school that’s still around here somewhere smile


what a great link!

i hope one day you’ll share some poems with us - heehee. i haven’t written any poetry in a long time, and i feel like it’s something i should get into again. i need to start taking time for that.

p.s. i always walk around the house singing silly made up songs - i got it from my mom. neat that you do it too!

p.p.s. i hope that you don’t mind that i make silly comments all the time - i just think it’s a fun way for us to stay in touch when i miss you smile

Bugs are cute, bugs are sweet
Bugs are what I like to eat
Eating bugs is not a crime
They are extra good with slime
If I cant find bugs for me
I will look up in a tree
I will lift up every rock
To fing grubs that I can shock
Then my insects I can savour
With their gooey, nutty flavour.

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