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OSF coming!!!

I was SO excited to see this in the paper this morning that I ran up the stairs and showed it to E. He was excited too smile

OLD SPAGHETTI FACTORY IS COMING: "An Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant is expected to open next year as part of a retail development under construction at the northwest corner of Mill Plain Boulevard and Southeast 164th Avenue. "

This is only about 2 miles from my house!! Right now, we have to drive 30miles+ to get to one, and its one of our very favorite places! Its not coming till next fall (the Target in the complex opens in July, OSF in October), but that’s just super exciting!!!!

How many of the Old Spaghetti Factory locations have you been to?
Here’s my list: Riverside CA (I think - its the one closest to San Bernedino that I’ve been to), Seattle WA, Clackamas OR (with Rina even once!), Portland OR (like I’ve said before, this one is the flagship one smile ). I want to go to more - E’s been to lots in So. CA.


There’s one here in Toronto!

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