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Mental Health Day, 12

Ahhhh... I’m at home. Home is good. Graphics are good. Baby carrots in water are good. Cheese sandwiches with Tillamook sharp cheddar are good.

Good morning. Good Afternoon! I got a nice nap in this morning till 10ish. And then I got up and cleaned the bathroom. Its nice to have clean sinks smile I still need to do the mirrors. I started a load of laundry. And then I set myself in front of the computer to finish up the graphics set I start on Sunday night. And I made another in the process. They’ll be done soon smile Yay for Christmas inspiration!

I had a happy healthy lunch, and I’m gonna make Pasta Bake for dinner, and probably some cookies with my new cookie press because I’d like to try it out before I make them to share smile

I will be playing with the branches of pine and cedar and holly that Annette brought me, and make some Christmas scenes around my house. And sorting some boxes. I need to find my wire cutters so I can bind them together with florist wire (which I have left over from my wedding smile Did you know that I did all my own flowers? I’m really proud of that smile )

I hear that the washer is done, so i think I’ll go change that and continue to do things to keep my head busy. When I sit and relax, bad thoughts come in. But loud happy girl-rock music and graphics and projects give me happy thoughts. Yay for happy thoughts smile


did you eat the baby carrots with the cheese sandwich? i’m a big fan of baby carrots and sharp cheese...y'know how people tend to serve cheese with grapes? i think baby carrots would be better.... :o)

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