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winter skin

Winter skin primer - some great tips for keeping your skin from being so dry this time of the year. I’ve actually been carrying my lotion with me all the time lately, just because my hands always feel even more dry after sitting in my office with the heat on!!


i know it!

i can’t even use regular lotion anymore... i need to use thick stuff, like body creme from bath and body works, because it makes my skin softer faster... and you don’t need to use as much.

plus, the humidifier is running constantly. baah winter skin.

yeah, I can’t use anything but victoria’s secret luxiorious hand and body cream - the thicker of their lotions. I just love it. And love spell is my signature scent smile

You know you’re a geek when you read 'winter skin' and think you’re talking about php.

tee hee, I thought about that after I posted. :giggle:

My cheeks, hands and legs thank you immensely!!

Yeah, uhm, you guys are using commercial lotion. We call that the EVIL CORPORATE stuff. I’d be wiling to bet money that I can send you KICK *SS lotion that makes that stuff look so bad you will never turn back. Soft skin without being slimy. Specially made to absorb well, and make you feel good. I don’t have any "Love Spell" scent though, but heck, I’ll send it unscented and you can just add your own fragrance! See how easy that would be? Seriously. I would be willing to bet my lotion is better. I love my lotion - it works for me when nothing else will, and it’s light enough that I use it as my moisturizer too!

OK, Christine, what kinda lotion are you trying to sell ;)

I have *terrible* winter skin... sad

oh, see that sounds absolutely WONDERFUL, Christine!!! I definitely wanna know more smile And I can do w/o the love spell scent... it just is a happy smell!!!

(if you haven’t smelled Victoria’s Secret’s love spell, its similar to Garden Botanika’s pure genius. I should spray some on a card and send it to you so you could enjoy it LOL!)

This love spell sounds very nice and attracting, i would really like to get some. Where could I find love spell, without ordering online? That would be a great help, thanks!

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