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What a fun idea smile Similar thought to the ads that weblogs.com did originally. BlogSnob - the easier way to tell people about your blog.

So now, I need a cute little site description. Anybody wanna help me think of one?
Since hopelessromantics isn’t very descriptive of my site, I need something cute but descriptive.

I suppose I could do hopelessromantics - Pie!!!! ;)


yes, hopelessromatics - PIE!!! that’s perfect. heehee

no, really, i’m thinking...

Whee, thankyou for linking that site... I just signed up to use that. I just put "The art of procrastination" for mine wink

Uhmm, let’s see...

hopelessromantics: cute as pie!

Nah... I think the Pie!!! thing works though wink

I’m no help!

a few thoughts I had last night....
hopelessromantics - much pie to you!!!
(since I normally say much love to you!)
hopelessromantics - pie filled wishes and css kisses!
(do I know what css kisses are? I just made that up! ;) )
hopelessromantics - giggles for romantics everywhere

Hmmm, I’ll keep thinking. I *think* I can change the saying periodically, so I’ll check on that and tenatively go with something pie-related for now! smile

I thought of another one - "hopelessromantics - this is your brain on pie" ;-D

These things just engage my brain sometimes wink

Oh, that’s a cute one, Sammy!! smile I think I might steal that one!! smile

heehee! i hope you use "pie filled wishes and css kisses" cause i think that’s too dang cute!

and i signed up -and you can change your saying smile so go for it and we’ll all have fun helping each other keep up with fun sayings smile

mine was [catharsis] releasing my inner blog.

i just have to find a way to fit it nicely on my page now. smile

well, pooh, hopelessromantics doesn’t even fit!
I guess I’ll put -
piefilled wishes n css-kisses!

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