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Thinking of tomorrow: things to do...

post *touch* article on SI
Configure search engine for MT sites hr trk
send notify to notify list
sort Christmas boxes
update sidebar
add Christmas books and gift ideas to thekitchen
update front page of blogplates forums
finish christmas list and place order @amazon
make list of christmas cookies wanting to make
get addresses from girls to send cards to
Add Miss Ellen to theredkitchen
reply to emails
cook something for E. don’t know what yet.
Watch Trading Spaces
read stories as mentioned to rain-doll ;)
post @ biteme!


Hee hee! Yay for story reading. And can I rec two songs to look for? O-Town’s We Fit Together, and nsync’s Some Dreams. (Or Sun Dreams. We’re not actually sure of the title. ) I think you’ll like them, and pop music is always good for destressing.

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