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giving style

What’s your gift giving style?
I’m a cross between Cleverly Crafty and Sensibly Spirited. Yes, that makes sense!

If you answered mostly c's: You are Cleverly Crafty: When it comes to giving gifts, you are truly gifted. You have the special ability to craft the perfect item for everyone on your list—without spending bundles of bucks. Even when not totally crafted by your own gifted hands, the presents you present tend to be one of a kind treasures, since you have the cleverness and creativity to improve on commercially made items. Unlike those less talented, you have the option of using your wits more than your wallet.

Not only are you fortunate, so are those lucky enough to be on your list. The most appreciated gifts are those that are hand-made or personalized, and that’s where you shine. We’re betting that yours are among those gifts that are not turned over by recipients hoping for unremoved price tags or telltale markings—not just because your offerings are less likely to have them, but because their true value is so apparent and honest.

If you answered mostly d's: You are Sensibly Spirited: The spirit has moved you! You’re filled with festive good cheer and the deep desire to extend it to others. Yet, sensibly, you don’t allow yourself to get swept up in the tidal wave of consumer frenzy. You smartly make a list, but have the flexibility to use it as a guide—something you feel free to amend when serendipity and other circumstance send you in unexpected directions.

Unlike some others, you do not use gifts to dazzle or deceive. You’re finely focused on your giftees' tastes and preferences, even when they may be at odds with your own, and tailor your selections accordingly—again unlike other shoppers, who tend to think their standards are one-size-fits-all.

Because you give from the heart, you remain reasonably free of the resentments (and debts) that plague others at this time of year. May your kind multiply—and put us on their gift list.

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