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sunday thoughts

My day has been busy, but happy. I’m still up, watching Star Wars Episode I, but need to go to sleep really soon. I have work in the morning. There aren’t that many more work days until the end of the year, and that makes me happy. And worried, but I’ll post about that later.

We ventured out of the house for the first time in a few days. First I laid in bed with the thought of a nap and to get rid of my cramps (which have been worse than normal the last few months)... but no sleep came dispite my lack of sleep lately (I was way excited to have 5 hours consecutive of sleep last night, if that tells you how bad my sleeping has been!). So then, we left the house, and ate at Sweet Tomatoes. Yummy smile Happy salad, a baked potato, and a party in a bowl... with some bread w/honey whip, too smile I like this place smile

We visited Fred Meyer, where they had Christmas trees on sale - we got ourself a fake tree... but we are waiting until next weekend to put it together. I found a beautiful Angel cookie cutter. Its copper, and I’m gonna use it for decoration when I’m not cutting out cookies! I haven’t ever had a good angel, but I love angels, so it makes sense to have one smile

And then we came back home... E working on his games, me working on my computer. I got a bunch done, and will finish up a few things in the morning before work.

I’m glad to see my friends coming back to their blogging after the holiday - I’ve missed reading posts from some of you girls while you were gone!!

Night night! Sweet dreams smile

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