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I guess I’ve been antisocial lately. At least for the last week or so or maybe more.

I don’t think I’ve been to SI barely at all this week. I just haven’t felt like just going over there to be a question answerer - and so many of my good friends who used to hang out there aren’t around much right now, or worse, are on hiatus and aren’t around at all.

I had some good intentions for getting some packages out - I missed mentioning Christie’s birthday, and have a halloween card sitting her for Zalary. These things bug me - I want to be a better friend.

I know, everybody’s more quiet with the holidays and stuff. It just makes me feel a bit bad to realize that when I’m dealing with something big, I shut people out. I’m working over in my head how I will make the next step out of my job and take my life back. There are so many things to think about, and it makes my head spin. So I either 1) shut my head up by doing other mindless things or 2) become preoccupied with my thoughts and become more worried.

No, this post isn’t a plea for attention, just a brain-dump! I have been having these feelings for many days now, and hadn’t thought about letting them out until right now!

So here I am, thinking about easing back into my social circle (!), and enjoying my friendships which are so important to me. smile


Awww, (((Kristine)))

I’m going through some similar bullshit, and it’s no fun. I think it also just goes along with the holiday season. Here, have a nice plateful of angst. LOL!

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