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I was just noticing with E, while he cooked me little quesadeas for dinner, that this is the longest vacation that we’ve had together since our honeymoon in August 2000 smile It sure is nice to be together and be in love.

Today, we spent time together this morning and then I took a nap. Lunch together and then we watched Die Hard 2. Computer playing time, while watching Invincible with Billy Zane (his voice is SO sexy, but couldn’t anybody fix the plot holes? It just didn’t flow very well). Dinner together, and now back up stairs. I’m hoping to get a graphics set done (if I don’t decide to play Spyro instead) and then make E watch National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation ;) Just thinking about it makes me giggle.

What an amazing Saturday. Just E and I, alone and happy. Like my Zalary-love, I wish I could bottle this feeling up and open it up like a wonderful perfume to remind me every day of this feeling.

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