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Friday Free

A day of freedom. Ahh, the joy. I know, I get one every week anyhow, but its so wonderful to be only half way through my weekend smile

So what have I done today? Played some Civ II. Watched a bunch of Buffy (The Prom-The Freshman). Downloaded some new fonts and sorted a few directories (although I can’t remember why I started with that!). Updated theredkitchen (added Christine with a Ch! and some stuff to the links page).

Next task will be some cooking. I’m missing thanksgiving leftovers because we didn’t take any home. My pie was SO delicious, but I only got a teeny piece, so I’m sad. So I might have to make another or send E out to get one :giggle: I think I’m gonna make him FriChik Potato Chip casserole for dinner and some more creamed corn.

I’d really like to play with some graphics and sets. I went downstairs and got the zip disk with my winter set that I’m working on, but haven’t opened PS yet. I just wasn’t feeling as inspired as I should... still a bit blah.

I have a few more things I’d like to work on for theredkitchen, and Heather’s friday five. So yay for projects to work on and friends sites to surf smile

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