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Today is a day for thankfulness.
Thankfulness for things loved and gifts bestoyed during the year.
Thanks being given to the God above for that which is around us.
A day for good food and remembering good friends.
A day to be full of love and happiness together.

How did you spend your day?

I woke up with another very vivid dream this morning. I think that my insomnia is making my thoughts closer to the surface while I sleep and so I remember every single little detail. I’m not sleeping very well, and so I wake up and then watch TV to try and be tired again, and I did that multiple times last night.

Then E got up and we ate breakfast and read the paper together. We relaxed for a little while before I got to spend a few hours in the kitchen making my part of dinner - corn casserole and green bean casserole, as well as fresh whipped cream for my pie. Shower, got ready, and headed over to my parents house. I got to help out with cooking and stuff over there and we had an amazing spread of food. It was delicious.

We laid around and watched a movie and then some TV. E got bored looking so at 6something, we headed home.

Its so odd. When we go to visit E’s family, I have to spend multiple days in a row being a delightful guest, and being helpful and stuff. But when he comes to my family’s house, he sits pretty bored and doesn’t do much. I help cook no matter where I’m at. He talks to friends while we are at his family’s. I think its a woman/man thing. Men have it easy - just show up and eat. I’m not annoyed, just a teeny bit observant of this fact.

I’m feeling moody today. Worried and sorta depressed about the decisions I’m making about work, and being around my family made me think that it won’t be much longer before they really won’t want to have me over for quite some time. I feel like I could cry over silly little things today. I don’t know why, though. Hopefully the next few days will give me home and rest away from my family to sort out my thoughts. I supose that watching Becoming II and hearing Full of Grace by Sarah doesn’t help my sadness.

I am very thankful, nevertheless. My utmost thanks goes up for my husband. He is my rock, my true love, my best friend. I am thankful for my family, dispite the difficulties. I am thankful for my wonderful online friends - I get so much support from them and it gives me hope for the future with friends to share it with. I am thankful for my God who I should lean more on, but he’s there even when I am not spending as much time with him as I should. I am thankful.

Happy thanksgiving, my friends....


Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! You are one of the reasons I can’t wait to get online each day, and I’m very thankful for the chance to get to know you better!

beautifully said...i know what you mean about the family thing that’s for sure, but you seem to have much to be thankful for and that’s a good thing as martha would say

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