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mhd10 so far

So this day just hasn’t gotten much more productive than my morning was! I am doing the bare minimums that must be done. That includes making my pie (its gonna be delicious. I almost licked out the pan of the custard stuff because it was so perfect!) while listening to 2 epis of Buffy. I did the dishes and started a load of laundry. I haven’t even thought of anything to make for dinner. Oops. Maybe I won’t make anything special tonight and we’ll just have boxed mac and cheese smile Or sandwiches smile

Did I mention that I braided my hair? I have two braids smile I normally just pull it back on top of my head when I’m home alone (and don’t bother taking a shower ;) ) But today, I felt like braiding it :giggle: So I look like a little girl smile A little girl with a cute panties/tank top set and her boys pj pants on top LOL!

So I’m finally back up stairs, so I’ll surf my blogs again and turn on trading spaces.


blah, stupid ep of trading spaces that I’ve seen 1 1/2 times already. I hate hilda’s designs sometimes. And kidney beans? doug, what are you thinking! Don’t mind me, I’m talking to myself today!!!

stupid reruns, bah! and i know exactly what episode you’re talking about - and seriously - who designs their room inspired by kidney beans. good grief. heehee! love you! PIE!