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Cristofori's dream

When I was in college, my roommate had a CD with David Lanz’s Cristofori’s Dream on it. The song was so intoxicating to my that I would put it on repeat and listen to it for HOURS. Just recently, I started to look for this version of the song, because its different than the one on his CD. I found the CD!! The Narada Collection, Vol. 2 I don’t necessarily want the CD, because I remember that being the only song I liked on it, but it gives me a starting place to look for this song! Its old, though, so I’m having to dig a bit deeper to try and find it. But I’m so excited that if I can’t find it, I can always buy the CD or look for it on sale. I love this song!!!


there’s a version of it on Pure Moods III, as well.. but I dunno if it’s the same version or not. smile

Hahha! I am on the phone trying to cancel my dialup service with www.hawkcommunications.com and they are playing Cristofori’s Dream. I remembered listening to it when I was younger. My uncle gave me a Narada CD sampler that had it.

I listened to Cristofori’s Dream yesterday on a CD I had (pure moods III). Yeah.. I loved it too. I was searching the net for this title when I saw this blog.
Same interest huh?

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