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midnight notes

another night of waking up. this has been going on for too long, but I’m getting used to it. I had *such* a hard time getting back to sleep last night. I just keep worrying and stressing, and then my brain won’t turn off long enough to sleep. blech.

I have a mild heartburn feeling to my throat - not like full fledged or anything, but a warm feeling in that area. Might be the pizza I had - leftover pizza hut. Or it might be the stress!

Happier stuff - Erica recorded her voice - doesn’t she sound perfect? Zalary made a grunge wallpaper! Heather and Alie got to go out this weekend - lucky girls! Ashley posted a beautiful picture of her and a little lion child. Carrie has a weblog in addition to her journal, and that will be a fun new read - I love her writing!

Last night, we did a teeny bit of shopping - for some of the essentials that we needed to make our part of thanksgiving dinner. It was raining lots last night. And then came home and ate and read cosmo together (cuz I had to buy it because Julia was on the cover and I love her). And then watched last weeks Angel. (We are like tons of Buffys behind now, so I’ll be catching up on wednesday, I think.)

Annette things I should start scanning the want ads for jobs. I just opened monster, and it makes me stressed to look. So I’m stopping for now. My mom is campaigning to get my pay lowered to my dad. that makes me very sad. I’ve never had a raise the 3 1/2 years I’ve been there and I’m almost 6 months behind on being paid. sad So hello, her complaints are absolutely assinine.

We had some really loud jets go overhead today. I’m guessing that they were military rather than commercial. I wonder why they’d need to go either so low, or so fast that they made the neighbors all look out their window when we heard it.

Maybe in the morning, I’ll do the survey that Jenni started and Sara and RinaBean and Marsha did smile

Now, I think its time to try and rest my tired eyes. I’ll watch a little tv (ie, infomercials) and drink some water and try to rest. Good night, sweet ones.


your pay LOWERED? You have to be kidding me. When I was looking for a new job I searched through 'monster' as well, the key is- just play with it. You already have a job so just look at monster as a dream and send out your resume to anything that sounds interesting to you and since you still have a job there’s no pressure if you don’t get an interview right away.
I KNOW I could not work for my parents. Hang in there! It is almost a long holiday weekend smile

Good luck w/looking for a new job... you deserve better smile

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