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work.... and pie!

Pie! This is my new greeting. Instead of saying Hi or Bye, I’m just gonna say Pie! Kinda like aloha! E says it just doesn’t work, but I think it would make everyone just a little bit happier if I was to remind them of pie everytime I greeted them. ;) Yes, I’m a kook!

I needed a happy evening after my day, though.... Annette greeted me with so much annoyance from wednesday when she had been witness to one of Leonard’s tantrums again, and it wasn’t very pretty. And she really took it to heart. And I am afraid this is the end, that she just can’t keep working when nothing changes no matter what the boys do. Even though the job is "perfect" in many other respects for her (her words). The guys just seem to be sabotaging the business, and its so hard to just sit and watch. And I agreed that this meant it was time to leave, we talked as friends, and I know it would be in both of our best interest to leave. So that made for a depressing morning.

My dad asked me to post a memo yesterday afternoon, and it was really volatile - talking about moving to a 4 day week and several other things that we are gonna have to do for the business to survive through the winter. My mom was scared of what people would say, SO SHE WENT HOME!!!!! And then called me after I posted it?! Isn’t that chickenshitty of her? What if something had happened? She left ME to deal with it? Not cool, I’m not the owner, its not my words on the memo. Nothing happened, just yelling but not at me, just amongst themselves. I understand why they are angry, but its really gonna make a difference in whether we survive the winter or not.

Then dad came home, and was really depressed seeming. I wish I could make him happier. He didn’t like some of the things I’d found for him during the day, and so I redid some research, still turning up my same assumptions. Hmmm... One employee came in and yelled at him, as I’m sure more will do tomorrow. I wish I could put a shield up so they wouldn’t, because he’s just as upset about having to do this as they are about missing the days. :sigh:

So by the time I left, it was a big sad fest in my head. I didn’t want it to be, there just was more bad than I could keep out of my brain.

BUT, E and me got to eat our fun pre-thanksgiving meal last night smile And it turned out so yummy, and perfect, and fun, and after we were done, I said "YA know what this meal needed? Pumpkin Pie" and he said "Wanna go get some PIE?!" And of course, I was excited by the prospect because every time I drive by Shari’s, I wish for pie. I hadn’t had any good pie for years! SOOoooo, we went over and had desert, and it was the most marvelous Coconut Cream Pie that I’ve had since the little diner in Walla Walla that my friend and I used to frequent. Oh, so PIE!!!!!! That made me sing little happy thoughts in my head for the rest of the evening. smile

So we’ll see if PIE is enough to make happy thoughts float through the day. It’s friday now, and Megan will be home today, and I had PIE!!!!! And I can make it, I’m courageous enough to get through one more day. Right? Good night, and PIE!!!!


eee! you are so adorable.

i’m sorry that work is being so bad to you - but i know you’ll come out all of this stonger.

i love you! PIE! smile (it’s catchy)

PIE Kristine!!

you are too cute!! smile

Mm, pie... that’s it, I’m going to have to make pie this weekend..! laughing

You’re a real sweetie-PIE, Kristine wink

now I want some pie too! That sounds yummy!!!

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