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Mental Health Day, 8

Good morning/afternoon. Okay, I guess its afternoon now, but its a good one smile

I am buffified - so excited reviewing the stuff I watched last night. To the innocent bystander, I might seem odd, but to my friends online, I don’t feel weird finding all this stuff so I can relisten to the wonder of last nights episode. It really was captivating smile

My plan for today? I’m a bit behind because I spent the morning being silly and playing smile That’s okay, though, that’s what MHDs are for, right? smile

I’m eating a healthy lunch of apple and PB ritz bits while I type smile I have an odd pain in my side when I breathe deeply, and its been there for a few days now. Hmmm. I guess I’ll watch it smile

My plans for today? Cooking for my lovely boy who is working late. I think I’m making *real* macaroni and cheese and apple crisp and maybe some fresh bread smile Working on figuring out why MT is changing skins on me at various places in the templates. Working on figuring out why my tables aren’t working right on my new designs. Clean the kitchen. Work on Christmas gift lists. Post the quotes from Real Simple on si for my girls. Some laundry. Maybe some emails. Go outside and pick up some leaves and press them. Be me.

Oh, if you follow my work-saga, you should read the below.

Annette and me bugged the guys on Thursday and then all day Friday to give us the production list. We need it so we can enter in the items we are making - this list is most useful on a daily basis because then we don’t have to research so much, and they have accurate numbers. But they kept refusing to give it to her. At like 3 on Friday, Annette went back and talked to them about it, and they said they’d get it to her in a few minutes. I went back at 3:25 and they weren’t using it, it was just sitting there. And Annette leaves at 3:30, so she couldn’t do it in 5 minutes - and they knew that. Piss me off, dorks. So we decided to stop bugging them about it, they’d have to give it to us when they were ready, and if that meant I didn’t get hardware ordered for them, that’d be their frickin fault.

Yesterday afternoon (one WHOLE week later since I had printed one), they brought the sheet in with corrections at 2. Annette had to get corrections done by 3 when UPS comes, and so she didn’t get to start it until like 2:45; gave it to me at 3, and Chris came in around that time and asked if we were done with it. HELLO, a weeks worth of items takes a while to do. I told him I was in the middle of a project and I’d get to it after that. I can’t stop and jump at their command - that’s not fair to me at all. So I worked on it, and got it done right before E came. I had to reinstall Excel in the middle because it was having problems. So I wrote a note to Annette about something with it and set it on my desk. Not completely intentionally, but I knew it was there, and didn’t get it brought back to the back before I left. E came as I was finishing up, and I was ready to go, so I jetted out of there. I thought about calling Annette and letting her know where it was, but once I left work, I stopped thinking about it. Mom’d be there early, she said she would to pull, so she’d get it when she got in, no biggie.

Fast Forward to this morning. Apparently, the boys threw a FIT. Annette called to tell me. Mom didn’t get there until after 9. When they found the stuff on my desk, they assumed I musta got sidetracked on my way out, which was part of it. Apparently, they were talking, Nancy heard and told Annette - they said they were gonna be talking to dad about us incompetent office girls, with the reason of getting us fired. Hmm, yes, that’ll happen, you fucking loosers! They have no realization over what they do to us every fucking day - its not just one or two incidents, but they do these kind of things every day. See how they like it? I’m very sure that they wouldn’t see this as me teaching them a lesson, but I just am laughing at their overreaction. Hello, a weeks worth of production later, and they want the sheet in a half an hour? It sounds like the only time they would be happy with us working with them is when they aren’t there. LOL! They just make me want to lay on the floor and giggle because its so damn stupid! So yes, that’s what happened. And I don’t really feel bad. They deserve it. I’m sure I’ll have to answer to dad in the morning, but it wasn’t *really* intentional, so I’m not worried!


heehee. i think that’s a great story. and i think you should keep doing it that way - it’s not worth stressing about when they are stupid, so just do the best you can and if they don’t like it - tough! heeheee i’m mean. smile

what a bunch of dorkuses! i hate it when people get like that!

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