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I’m working on tweaking movable type so things might be a bit scattery until I’m done smile But it’ll be cool when I’m done smile

edited to say: I still don’t have everything working yet, but its closer... and I have my new layout much closer, but AOL kept being bitchy and kicking me off over and over this evening. So I’m gonna watch Buffy (Anne) and then Buffy - the NEW one!!! I can’t wait smile I’ll work more on this in the morning smile


i like sitting here and refreshing and watching you play in real time. heehee i’m nuts! smile

Hey Kristine!

I looked up at my calendar picture today at work and low and behold there sat Mt. Hood.. and I thought to myself.. WOW! That’s Kristine’s Mt. Hood! smile

Ooh! Lemme know how you like it, cause my friend and I are considering switching to it, and I’m supposed to help...it’s this big long thing. Anyways, I wanna know if it’s close to Greymatter or what..

Wow—so you’ve already switched over to Moveable Type? I guess you must have mentioned that at some point—I obviously haven’t been a dedicated enough Internet stalker ... er ... 'blog reader.

Seriously, though, it looks good, and that was pretty seamless, because I never noticed. I will be interested to know what you think of it (MT), and if you use the extra features enough to warrant the work it took to switch everything over.

ok, now—something weird just happened. i posted a comment, and after my submission went through, and it brought up the entry page again, all of a sudden i’m seeing your site with a different skin. do you know why this happened? or is it on purpose?

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