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I worry a bit about what could happen on Sunday with them re-re-scheduling the emmys. I’m really uninterested in them by this point, and the show that *really* deserves to be a part of them was overlooked.


I’m just plain not going to watch. I’ve pretty much lost interest, too. I’ll watch game 7, if there is one, and NBC’s WW2 movie. I’ll probably flip on during commericals, but it seems so pointless!

I know what you mean. I actually have no interest in watching it. They should have just showed up at the winners door with their award and left it at that. LOL

Hey, I wanted to ask you if your related to a Dan Locatis from Olympia, WA ?

Because.. as I was working on my accounts receivables yesterday there was a Spartan Subscription come through with that name and it peeked my curiousity because it’s not a real known name. smile

Just wondering! smile

Gina - I know there are some distant relatives in the Tacoma/Olympia - my dad’s aunt and her children lived up there for quite a long time - I’ve never met any of them, but I’d guess that Dan is one of the 2nd cousins and that we are related smile Most of my relatives are actually on your side of the country - near Kalamazoo, MI smile

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